A REAL LIFE UPDATE- Happy #taxday

How am I doing? My accountant informed me that business was good last year. I owe $3,300 to the Feds. I am told that I need to pay them quickly so that means more hustle on my end. I need to earn enough to pay back taxes while also putting away enough to pay them this time next year.

“You need to plan for this.” My accountant reminded me gently as she held up a check written for ten grand. “This guy just filed an extension and he’s including a $10,000 check. The government likes it when you send in at least partial payment with your extension.”

I plan for my taxes much like I plan for my retirement. I plan on making enough to put away and then the bills come. My money is reactionary. There is never a plan beyond paying what I owe. Then I owe some more.

How do I feel about this? I feel resigned and challenged. I must not be very smart to fall so low in income while getting praise for having a successful business year? I don’t know what to say other than I am determined to change my course. I am planning… #taxday

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