HOW TO BOOK A GLAM DESTINATION WEDDING: Grand Wailea Resort, Maui, Hawaii #asmilelikeyours

I did not wake up in a good mood this morning. I am flying to Hawaii. I should be happy, everyone keeps telling me to be happy. “You are going to Hawaii Amber Garibay. Aren’t you excited?”


No, I am not excited about Hawaii. That is not what I feel this morning. I feel inspired and impatient. I feel sharp and dialed in. I am preparing for the reality that I will most definitely want to go back.

A Smile Like Yours Photography is your choice for glam destination wedding photography. This wedding is my opportunity to secure future bookings. It is the beginning of the life I am creating for myself. I will travel the world doing what I love. My paradise is not an island. My paradise is the freedom of adventure. I only travel with friends and loved ones.

I am afraid to travel. It gives me a bigger rush than jumping out of an airplane did. I am tense the day before. I do not want distractions. I want to be centered, ready, and prepared.

“The separation is in the preparation.” -RUSSELL WILSON

I will be happy when I am there, when I know my work is done, AFTER the magic is spent. I am not flying to Hawaii to sit and watch a Super Bowl game. I am flying there to play the game. I have a championship to win. This wedding will be magical. I can’t wait to show Kristin and Ben what I create for them. They are going to be the happiest couple in the world. I can feel it my soul. I especially excited about their wedding album. It will be designed and crafted in the highest quality by a company of exquisite composition.





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