TUMWATER HIGH SCHOOL CLASS OF 2017 STUDIO MODEL: Carson Porter PHOTOGRAPHER: Amber Garibay #asmilelikeyours


Carson Porter was phenomenal to work with. He is a gallant and dashing young man, charming and sweet to his mother. I felt completely blessed to have had the opportunity to take his senior pictures. His mother called me to book because I took his sister’s senior pictures several years back and she loved them. When she called to book her session I offered her son the opportunity of being a studio model. I explained to her that my invitation was more of a gift to save her money on pictures than it is an obligation.

“We accept and invite a select few each year as studio models. Usually one or two students from each high school  If Carson is accepted into our modeling program he will earn a $150 credit towards an hour photo shoot. His yearbook photo will be included in that credit. That image will be delivered to his school by our photography studio. He also has the opportunity to earn studio gift cards for referrals that book photo shoots from his promotion. “



  1. Studio Models share their pictures on social media and when they do they make sure to let their friends know where they got their pictures taken. They include the tag #asmilelikeyours in their posts and they mention our website. ASMILELIKEYOURS.COM
  2. Studio models let their family and friends know that they will ALL get booking gifts  at a Smile Like Yours . Carson Porter’s friends and family will get TWO FREE 5×7’s with their package purchase and $10 off the session. USE OFFER CODE: #modelcarsonporter
  3. Studio models like our business page on Facebook and they follow us on Instagram. They support other studio models by liking and commenting on their pictures. They engage with people that comment on their pictures. By this I mean they take the time to type, “Thank you” to compliments given on their photos online.
  4. Studio models have self esteem and confidence. They do not say things like, “I look fat,” or “My face looks funny.” They look for the best in themselves and they bring out the best in others. Our studio models understand that they were chosen because they are the highest quality sort of people. They love themselves and they love their pictures.
  5. Studio Models represent our brand. Our brand is what we stand for. Our brand is what we believe. It is our morality. It is our ethics. Studio models represent our brand by making people smile every day as a goal. This is as easy as kindness. Studio models take time each day to make the world a better place. They hold doors open for other people. They stand to let the elderly sit. They are gracious and appreciative. They do not feel entitled. They feel honored. Our studio models are honorable people. Exemplary. They are the kind of people that make their parents proud.R7899.jpg

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