A BAD DAY AND A BLUE CAR: photography @ A Smile Like Yours

“I don’t think you should try to be anything you’re not. If you’re not smiling all the time or always happy – I don’t think it matters. If you’re having bad day, show you’re having a bad day. Don’t try to put up something that’s fake.”  Quoted: Elle Fanning Photographer: Amber Garibay http://www.asmilelikyours.com

THE FIRST YEAR OF LIFE: Baby Photography @ A Smile Like Yours Photography

Kayla is four months old in this picture. Babies at this age love to express themselves through smiles, laughs, gurgles, and coos. That is my focus as a photographer. I love to capture all the budding expressions and personality. It can be a bit tricky to pose babies this age, but by now, your baby’s head […]