HOW TO BOOK A GLAM DESTINATION WEDDING: Grand Wailea Resort, Maui, Hawaii #asmilelikeyours

I did not wake up in a good mood this morning. I am flying to Hawaii. I should be happy, everyone keeps telling me to be happy. “You are going to Hawaii Amber Garibay. Aren’t you excited?” No, I am not excited about Hawaii. That is not what I feel this morning. I feel inspired […]

RACHEL AND SETH: The Arch of Sabers #Thornwoodcastle #weddingphotography

Tradition dictates that as the bride and groom pass through the arch, the last two bearers drop their sabers or swords, forming a cross to block the path of the couple. The groom then kisses his bride. The crossed swords are raised for the couple to pass through. The bearer on the bride’s side, as […]