ALL THAT I GAIN WHILE I AM GAINING WEIGHT #fitgirl #confessions #fatgirl #truth

My clothing is now rejecting the body I have become. I no longer fit in my wardrobe, though I can still get most of what I own on somehow. I am still able to wear all clothing with the exception of pants. I can no longer get my jeans on, not even a little. I’ve […]


“My most accurate accounting is that I chickened out at 189 pounds, and for awhile that is what I was doing. I was playing chicken with my scale for fun, feeding my face just to see what would happen to it when I finally did make it to 200. Would anyone love me less? I […]


One of my all time favorite clients, Jennifer Hewlett, shared this article on facebook today. I am sharing it now because as a photographer I preach about the importance of pictures all the time, and yet there is almost no photo documentation that I even existed for the most of my daughter’s life. I refused […]