ALL THAT I GAIN WHILE I AM GAINING WEIGHT #fitgirl #confessions #fatgirl #truth

My clothing is now rejecting the body I have become. I no longer fit in my wardrobe, though I can still get most of what I own on somehow. I am still able to wear all clothing with the exception of pants. I can no longer get my jeans on, not even a little. I’ve […]


Today is day twelve of the Oxygen Magazine Fitness Challenge. If you are not familiar with the contest I will tell you that it is a ninety day body transformation fitness challenge hosted by Oxygen Magazine. The grand prize winner will be chosen based on results, as in, who has the most show stopping body […]

IS FOOD BETTER THAN SEX?? #foodslut #weightloss

Today is the first day of my fitness/f*ckIcan’teatpizza challenge. I am thinking about sex, pizza, sex, pizza, sex, and can I get cashews on that pizza??